Ketton Census

Beginning in 1801, a census has been held in Britain every ten years. The first four censuses were a head count only and no personal information was recorded.

In 1841, each householder was required to complete a census schedule giving the address of the household, the names, occupations, an approximate age for those over 15 and whether or not someone was born in the county where they lived. In 1851 householders were asked to give more precise details of the places of birth of each resident, to state their relationship to the head of the household, their marital statuses and the nature of any disabilities from which they may have suffered. Apart from a few minor changes the basic structure of the census schedule did not change until 1911 when additional questions were asked about the length of marriage, the number of children of that marriage, how many of those children were still living and how many had died and the industry/service with which the worker is connected.

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