Ketton in the 1851 census

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The census was taken on 30 March 1851. There were 1136 villagers counted - 552 males and 581 females.

They lived in 246 houses. Specific places named in the census were: Heath House, Ketton Hall, Ketton Station, Kelthorpe, Geeston and Aldgate.

The name of the enumerator wasn't recorded

1851 census

The 10 most frequent surnames of villagers were: Smith (39), Hibbins (30), Dunford (29), Andrew (28), Gooud (25), Wright (25), Burrows (24), Swift (222), Osborn (22) and Harrison (21).

The 10 most popular male first names were: John (103), William (97), Thomas (62), George (42), James (36), Robert (25), Charles (23), Henry (20), Francis (18) and Joseph (16). 80% of males in the village had one of these first names.

The 10 most popular female first names were: Mary (105), Elizabeth/Eliza (100), Ann/Anne/Annie (77), Sarah (53), Jane (33), Emma (18), Charlotte (14), Catherine (12), Julia (12) and Harriet (11). 72% of females in the village had one of these first names.


313 men were employed: agricultural/farm labourer (78), general labourer (69), farmer (16), domestic servant (14), groom (11), railway labourer (9), stone mason (8), shoe/boot maker (7), baker (7), blacksmith (7), carpenter (7), gardener (6), stone/lime quarryman (5), tailor (4), wheelwright (4), publican/innkeeper (4), basket maker (3), saddler and harness maker (3), shepherd (3), grocer (3), butcher (3), slater (3), miller (2), coal porter (2), schoolteacher (2), coachman/carman (2), clergyman (2), stone merchant (2), Chelsea pensioner (2).

There was also, a letter carrier, railway station master, a pitman, horseman on a farm, a brazier, a sawyer/wood labourer, a farm bailiff, a cooper, a hedge cutter, a higgler, a cattle dealer, a linen weaver, a maltster/brewer, a Commander in the Royal Navy, a musician, a railway porter, a mat maker, a railway gate keeper, a flour mill worker and a medical practitioner.

85 women were employed: domestic service (43), dressmaker/milliner 912), laundress/washerwoman (5), nurse (4), charwoman (3), schoolteacher (3), seamstress (3), governess (2). There was also a cottager, hawker, organist, knitter, proprietor of houses, bonnet maker, baker and grocer.

79 girls and 78 boys were at school - this was 44% of all children in the village aged between 4 and 15.

Birth places

59% of villagers were born in Ketton. 16% were born elsewhere in Rutland. 10% were born in Northamptonshire. 8% were born in Lincolnshire. 7% were born elsewhere in England.

Two people were born outside England, both in Ireland - a gardener at Ketton Hall, and The Honourable Emily Grantham, aged 70. Emily's husband Captain Charles Grantham RN was the High Sheriff of Rutland in 1845.

Households with at least two servants:
  • Charles Grantham (aged 60, a Commander in the Royal Navy) lived at Ketton Grange with his wife Emily. They had seven servants - a lady's maid, a housekeeper, a cook, a housemaid, a groom, a footman and a coachman.
  • Frances Thompson (aged 84, a widow) lived at The Priory with her daughter Frances (aged 54, a spinster). They had five domestic servants - a lady's maid, a cook, a housemaid, a gardener and a coachman. Her husband had been Cotton Thompson Esq.
  • Francis Whincup (aged 38, a farmer) lived at Geeston House with his wife Sarah and their seven children Fanny (aged 14), Ursula (aged 12), Sarah (aged 10), Thomas Thompson (aged 8), Francis (aged 6), William Lawrence (aged 4) and Henry John Tennant (aged 3). They had five domestic servants including a governess.
  • George Hornbuckle Betts (aged 42, a merchant and farmer). He lived with his wife Mary and their five children. They had four servants - a governess, a groom, a housemaid and a cook.
  • Samuel Hunt (aged 38, a farmer) lived at Ketton House with his wife Charlotte and their five daughters. They had four domestic servants.
  • Thomas Buckworth (aged 55, a farmer) lived with his wife Mary and their eight children. They had four domestic servants.
  • John Bunning (aged 39, a farmer) lived at Geeston. He had four domestic servants.
  • Amelia de Rippe (aged 59, living on own means) lived with her sister Elizabeth (aged 69, a spinster) and their great-niece Amelia Burman (aged 9, granddaughter of their sister Mary). They had two domestic servants.
  • William Willford (aged 44, a farmer) was living at Aldgate Farm with his with Dorothy (née Walpole) and their children Harriet (aged 11), Francis (aged 5) and William’s stepson William Walpole (aged 15). They had two domestic servants.
  • At Ketton Hall there were just five servants living there (the owners were away on the night of the census). There was a gardener, groom, kitchen maid and two laundresses living there.