Ketton Grange

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Ketton Grange is a Grade II listed stone built property forming the central part of a 17th Century manor house. The east wing of the manor house is now a separate property, Grange House, and the west cross-wing is also a separate property, The Gable House. The gate lodge to The Grange, built in 1800s, is now a small two bedroom house called The Gate Lodge. In 1939, Ketton was a major first aid post during WW2.

Past Residents:
  • Thomas Bennett Grantham Esq., Captain of the 15th Regiment of Foot, died at Ketton Grange in 1816, his wife Margaret died there in 1842, his son Charles Esq., Captain in the Royal Navy, died there in 1860 and Charles's wife Emily died there in 1864.
  • Between 1864 and 1894 Matilda Harrisson, widow of Everson Harrisson Esq. formerly of Tolethorpe Hall, lived at Ketton Grange until she died aged 94
  • Bank manager Hubert Eaton lived at Ketton Grange with his family in 1900's - he died there in 1910. Hubert's daughter Sybil was a violinist, played at the coronation of King George VI at Westminster Abbey. Hubert's grandfather Stephen lived at Ketton Hall in the 1820s, 1830s, 1840s and 1850s.
  • Coventry Mackgill-Crichton-Maitland, Commander in the Royal Navy, lived at Ketton Grange in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s with his wife Alice and two children Henry and Jean.
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