Ketton stone

Ketton stone is a Jurassic oolitic limestone, cream to pale yellow or pink in colour, used as a building stone since the 1500s. Ketton Stone has been more widely used outside the county than within - most notably at Cambridge where it has been used in many of the colleges for over 300 years.

  • Wren Library at Trinity College, Cambridge (167695)
    wren library cambridge
  • Nevile's Court Cloisters, Trinity College, Cambridge
    nevile's court cambridge
  • Pembroke College Chapel, Cambridge (1665)
    pembroke college chapel cambridge
  • Emmanuel College Chapel, Cambridge (1667-68)
    emmanuel college cambridge
  • Clare College Bridge, Cambridge (1639-40)
    clare college bridge cambridge
  • Clare College Old Court, Cambridge (1638)
    clare college old court cambridge
  • Front of the Pepys' Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge (1670-1703)
    pepys library cambridge
  • North Range of Peterhouse, Cambridge (1738-42)
    peterhouse cambridge
  • Chapel at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (1823-27)
    corpus christi chapel cambridge
  • King's College Gatehouse, Cambridge (1824)
    kings college gatehouse cambridge
  • Downing College, Cambridge (1818-1820)
    downing college cambridge
  • Arcade of the old Museum of Classical Archaeology, Little St Mary's Lane, Cambridge (1884)
    old museum of classical archaeology
  • Queens Building, Emmanuel College, Cambridge (1995)
    queens building cambridge
  • Howard Theatre, Downing College, Cambridge (2010)
    howard theatre cambridge
  • Burghley House, Stamford (1558-87)
    burghley house cambridge
  • Dressings and finishings at Sandringham House, Norfolk
  • Custom House in King's Lynn (1683)
  • Ely Union Workhouse (1836-37)
  • The Clock Tower in Leicester (1868)
  • Repairs of York Minster, Ely Cathedral, the Tower of London and Exeter Cathedral
  • Porticoed entranceway of Hibbins House, Ketton (1890s)
    hibbins house cambridge