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The Ketton Village History site provides information and resources for the people of Ketton and other interested people. It is intended to be updated by the Ketton Village History Group, and other contributions will be most welcome. This includes oral histories and materials up to the present day, so that events are not forgotten.

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The report on the final meeting of  are shown on the the right. The programme for 2020 will be published later. 

All are welcome. You can bring along any pictures or artifacts that relate to the village, or just relate to the members your own memories. 

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Ketton History Group Meeting 13 November 2019

The meeting spent the majority of time continuing with studying and discussing the sale of Capt. Spencer-Churchill's estate on the 20th June 1919 at the George Hotel Stamford. The sale was of the late Lord Northwick's estate that had been inherited by the Captain.

The lots to be auctioned included 7 farms, 13 cottages, stone quarries and about 2000 acres in total

The details of the lots for sale and a plan of the land for sale was examined in detail allowing those present to familiarise themselves with the position of the lots that were offered.

Interestingly of the 7 farms for sale only one had been bought by the tenant by private treaty, that was Geeston Farm and Geeston House, by Mr. R.H. Close. Other farms were bought by Mr. T. H. Burroughes and Mr. T.C. Molesworth.

Two Barley and sheep farms with cottages and 302 acre did not receive a bid. Likewise the Stone Quarries and Fire Clay beds, brickworks etc. failed to attract a buyer.

The fields listed in the sale were discussed as many of the roads in Park View are named after them. The older members could remember the field names from their childhood.

This was the last meeting in 2019.

Meetings for 2019

This was the final meeting for 2019. The programme for 2020 will be published later.