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The Ketton Village History site provides information and resources for the people of Ketton and other interested people. It is intended to be updated by the Ketton Village History Group, and other contributions will be most welcome. This includes oral histories and materials up to the present day, so that events are not forgotten.

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The next meeting is planned for 9 Oct 2018 at 7pm in the Parish Office. All are welcome. You can bring along any pictures or artifacts that relate to the village, or just relate to the members your own memories. 

Meeting Reports

Report on the Ketton History Group Meeting on 11 Sept 2018

There were lively and enjoyable discussions on a range of topics.

A draft copy of a Ketton History Project written in 1958 by villagers on a WEA course has come to light and David Naylor summarised the report. There was much interest in the names of those who had written the report, all who have since died but were known to many of the Ketton History Group members. The report stated that there was ‘a mass of information’ collected. If this can be found it will be a valuable historical resource. The original of the draft report has been returned to the owner as requested, but a photocopy has been taken for the Ketton History Group Records,

This was followed by a discussion on resources held by Ketton History Group including census data, and researched material. Some of this was reviewed on the projector screen and comments made on a range of topics.

David Naylor agreed to send out a summary of the digitised data he held and would email copies of the data to KHG members on request.

There was a proposal made that short pamphlets would be produced on agreed Ketton history topics. David Naylor agreed to continue with the Railway Project, which would be distributed to KHG members for comments/ additions /corrections at a suitable point.

It was also agreed that wherever possible digitised copies of material should be made and held on memory sticks, with copies held in a box in the Parish Office for reference.

Finally it was noted that a Ketton Conservation Area Review was being carried out. Currently it does not include Geeston (although there are a number of listed buildings) and it is under consideration that Geeston would be come a separate Conservation Area. Members were encouraged to comment on the proposals.

As agreed at the 10 July 2018 an audio record of the meeting was taken by John Collier so as to capture useful verbal information which arises at each meeting.


The 13 August 2018 Meeting had been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

The next Meeting is at 7.00 pm 9 October 2018 at the Parish Office.

‚ÄčThe final meeting of the year is scheduled for 12 Nov 2018.